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on Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:14 pm
I would like to report Sony PlayStation for violating my consumer and civil rights. I bought a game on PS Store with my PSN user account gtamarko5, which is worth 1760 EUR.
The game had an error with the trophies. I called Sony PlayStation Support Croatia several times for a month in order to fix my problem. They ignored me and didn’t offer any solution. After a while they told me to contact Lego and game developer Warner Bros. Although it wasn’t my job, I did so just to confirm that Sony PlayStation programmers are responsible for game trophies and they should fix it. I called Sony Support Croatia again and they refused to help me in a very rude and arrogant way. Finally, after several days of torture and many calls, they promised to call with the solution within a few days.
They never called, but they did permanently block my PSN user account gtamarko5 on 23rd August 2019., without an explanation. I have contacted them and requested an explanation for that, otherwise I will be forced to take legal actions. After many calls we were told that our user account is permanently blocked because we have allegedly sent offensive messages to other players.
Their accusations are unfounded and they have no evidence for them. The proof that it is impossible is the fact that those games, through which I have allegedly sent offensive messages, are not installed and some of them I have never owned. Since there is no evidence, they never gave any insight into any of those messages nor the players which I have allegedly offended. It is only said that I don’t have access to user account gtamarko5 and it cannot be changed.
After all, my wife had a nervous breakdown and she is in treatment now. SONY company obviously has the right to lie and steal without being responsible for their crimes.
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