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David vs Goliath WS-37368-7 Empty David vs Goliath WS-37368-7

on Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:38 pm
David vs Goliath WS-37368-7
David (gtamarko5) vs Goliath (Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe)
I really don’t know how to begin this forum. I’m still under the impression of an aggressor SONY over my civil rights. By writing this I would like to demonstrate to all of you, who have been or will be in my situation, just how SONY company treats its members of PSN profiles and that citizens of North Korea have more rights than PS+ members.
Before I continue with this text I just want to inform all interested readers that I have proof for all claims and I will attach them at the end of the text. Some of those I have already submitted to the Police, the State Inspectorate, Consumers Protection Associations... Not to linger with the introduction I will start at the beginning.
My wife and our children (we have got over 50 games fairly paid on our SONY PLAYSTATION profile, we also own PS+ subscription that we pay annually and it was supposed to be valid until September 2020. Our children have played a game called Lego City Undercover (at the end of the text I will attach receipt *1) for about 180h+ and have been collecting trophies on that game (most of PLAYSTATION players know about the possibility of collecting trophies while playing a game) and they were at the end of the game when they noticed that they are missing three trophies. And by unlocking one of them called Miner accomplishment, they will unlock two more and the game would be 100% finished which is their final goal and satisfaction. We have checked the page and the game, we have come to a conclusion that the game had an error, that it was faulty whereas all the conditions were met to get that trophy and it would not unlock. Otherwise, we have a lot of experience in gaming and collecting trophies and we can easily know when something is working incorrectly or has a malfunction.
Since 03.07.2019. all our problems are starting with the company SONY (I will attach the proof at the end of the text*2). My wife decided to contact PlayStation Support (017757104) because of the faulty game (our case was tagged as Incident: 190704-002762 and later as Incident: 190813-010133) and she sent photos that indicate the error on the game to their email They repeatedly gave her useless solutions on the phone and also in the email, for example information of which proves that they didn’t even look at the emails my darling has sent to them where they would see that the game is faulty. And so we continued talking to them for about a month where they have been wasting our time and kept sending us useless information, a lot of agents exchanged („IVAN, IRIS, ZARKA...“). When my loving wife saw how disinterested and ineffective they were, she demanded to talk with someone superior to those call agents which they denied her in PlayStation Support.
After that my wife came to me for help because she couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t help her. Then I called PlayStation Support (017757104) and I asked them for a solution for our problem, I also insisted on solving our problem where they sold us an incorrect product and I asked them to give us a valid game or/and to give us a refund. They replied that it wasn’t their problem and that we should contact Lego whereas it was their game. My wife and I consulted and decided that even though it wasn’t our job we will contact Lego because maybe that would solve our problems and leave them behind, because PlayStation Support call agents obviously have no intention to do that. In a very short and unexpected time Lego replied to us that they are very sorry that we have a problem with their game but Warner Brothers are the developers of the game. So, we contacted Warner Bros who also thanked us for contacting them but the trophies are not their fault because PlayStation programmers develop trophies. And that is how PlayStation Support took a lot of time from us only to find out what we already knew, that they for whatever reason may be, do not want to do their job and clearly like to avoid their responsibilities. Therefore they do not fulfil the legal rights of their members and customers of PLAYSTATION STORE.
Afterall we return to Sony PlayStation Support (017757104). I explained to them all the trouble they put us through and I have demanded to speak to a superior agent and after a lot of  fighting and not giving up we finally got a call from a No caller ID, allegedly from „LONDON“ which will solve our problem (my wife conducted the conversation because her english is better than mine). So, the superior from „LONDON“ named „KATARINA“ (with horribly bad english) is spinning us in a circle again, not offering us help under the pretext that we didn’t contact Warner Bros and is asking for proof of that. We didn’t want to send her that because it wasn’t our job to even contact them and because all this time they were not interested in solving our problem. On her insist we offer her that we will send her that email from Warner Bros but only to her in „LONDON“,  just to give us an e-mail to send it to. And again the problem arises, she insists to send it to e-mail address of Sony PlayStation Croatia (, which we declined because of our previous experience, we wanted to send it directly to her in „LONDON“. And again, after exhausting conversation in which she promised that she will solve our problem if we sent that proof that we talked to Warner Bros to we give in. With displeasure we sent those emails from Warner Bros at, right after that we call Sony PlayStation Support Croatia (017757104) and I asked them for a game without mistakes or faults, which we fairly payed, or a money refund. On those words of mine, the call agent said that it was two mouse clicks away but she won’t do that because she did not get the order from her superiors. So I explained what we were told by „LONDON“ caller „KATARINA“ to provide this information to them in order to solve our problem, but they have ignored us again.
Then I asked for a call from superiors again and after a lot of torture we got another call from No Caller ID, superior „KATARINA“ said that she is aware of our situation and that she will forward our problem to their programmers and our problem will be solved. We asked for a precise date when it would be but she declined. After a very long and exhausting conversation she finally gave us a response that our problem will be solved as soon as possible in few work days (since then no one from SONY company contacted us about this case with our faulty game). And then we waited a response from Sony PlayStation, happy that our problem is finally going to be solved.
On the day 23.08.2019. in the evening we turned on our Sony PlayStation 4 Pro console and noticed right away that it wasn’t connected to PlayStation Network. We tried to connect unsuccessfully and then we got the notice WS-37368-7 (notice is attached at the end of the text *3). We checked its meaning at and there we saw that it could be multiple things, such as: financial institution problems, disrespect or violation of terms of agreement, temporary or permanent profile exclusion. We did nothing at the time, waited for next week and after another try we have contacted
On Wednesday 28.08.2019. (case numbered Incident: 190828-007623) I have called 017757104 (, a call agent „MARIO“ answered and I told him I got a notice code WS-37368-7 and that I cannot connect to my PlayStation Network on my PlayStation 4 Pro console. After reading the WS-37368-7 code the agent asked for my console serial number to ensure that I am the owner. So I turned the console upside down and read him the number (will attach a photo with the serial number at the end of the text *4). After he checked if I was the owner of the console he told me that my account was blocked (banned). So I asked him why did they do that, after a while he said that we have sent  offensive messages to other players.
I explained to him that it was impossible because we didn’t use chat or anything. Only two friends we have on profile are ones I chatted with months ago. Emphasize friends, whereas we know each other for years (long before we bought PlayStation consoles) and have been chatting about Borderlands or NFS Payback about the time when we’ll play and things related to games, sharing screenshots etc. Except for me, lately my son was playing (minor, who didn’t start to go to school at the time), GTA5 offline.
The agent assures me that I have been playing and offended other player via FIFA 2018. I told him that it was impossible because FIFA 2018 on disc was installed last year briefly for about 20 minutes and immediately deleted and returned to its owner (I just wanted to try it and compare to PES 2018 to see what I’ll get in 2019 version). But he continued to assure me that it was on the game L.A. Noire (I honestly don’t even know can it be played online), so I explained that I do own that game in physical edition, on disc, I got it from a friend (one of two I have on my stolen profile) who bought it in licensed SONY store in Croatia (my wife installed it last year, tried it and decided she will play it after she finish Rachet & Clank and Lego City Undercover 100%, which she was playing with children. Anyway the first one they did finish 100% and the other one you know...
Only two games we own in physical edition, on disc, are L.A. Noire and Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy (FIFA 2018 was only borrowed in order to try the game), and all the others are digital. Our profile and annual fee which was payed for three years since we own PSN profile and PS+ (our membership expires 21.9.2020., I will attach receipt for that *5) was worth around 13.000 HRK or 1.760 EUR, until SONY company decided to ban us.
When I concluded it was pointless and that call agent can’t or won’t help me I asked to talk to his superiors in LONDON to solve my problem and he offered me to send their  phone number to our email which I accepted, though sceptic. I asked him to confirm he will send me  a PHONE NUMBER of his superiors in LONDON to my email for 4 times (which I have recorded) and Sony PlayStation Support call agent confirmed all 4 times. After about 20 minutes and another call to 017757104 Sony PlayStation Support I got an email with an address in London but without phone number. Again I called 017757104 (, I talked to the same agent from before who promised me that phone number for 4 times. So I told what he sent, that it was an address without a phone number and he explained that he can’t send me a telephone number and that I didn’t understand him correctly, so I was determined to explain to him that both I and Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe have recorded that conversation and he confirmed for 4 times that he will send me a PHONE NUMBER and if he doesn’t believe me I could play him  the recording of our previous conversation or he can listen to the one his company Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe recorded. To which he answers me that he didn’t understand me on what he confirmed for 4 times.
I was so exhausted and I said I just want to solve my problem and to let me talk to his superiors in LONDON, and he answered that it is impossible to talk to them and that his superiors are here in Croatia, not in London. After that statement I noticed something very fishy about everything and I remembered a No Caller ID call from „KATARINA“ from „LONDON“ or maybe that „KATARINA“ from „LONDON“ doesn’t exist and maybe my wife and I have been deceived by those call agents and their superiors of  Sony PlayStation Support Croatia. Still, I had no other solution but to say ok, let me talk to your superiors, and he said NO because it is only possible if they call me. I said alright, let them call me and again he said NO, they are busy. So I asked when will they call and he answered that he doesn’t know exactly so I told him I will stay on the line and he should go and find out and after a minute he said in 2 hours they will call, at 16:00h. That’s when I ended the call and I was upset but waited a call from SONY company.
A few minutes after 16:00h I got a No Caller ID call from SANJA“ Superior call agent in PlayStation Support, and as if she already knew everything, she was very arrogant and rude and she accused me and my family to have sent offensive messages to other players. I told her it was impossible, but she was persistent on her accusations so I demanded proof so I could complain. She said NO, that is how it happened and end of story. I insisted she told me which games are included and she claimed with certainty it was via Crash Team Racing, so I said it was impossible because we do not own that game. About Crash Team Racing, we have never owned, downloaded or installed that game...
Ignoring that fact, SANJA“ Superior Call Agent in PlayStation Support continued to false accuse and calumniate, mire me and my family that we did send those offensive messages to other PS players. She said that more than once, and that she is sure of that, the PlayStation Support agent, and without any proof we are PERMANENTLY banned from our profile (also have recorded). After all that I offered to SANJA“ Superior agent of PlayStation Support one last chance to solve our problem otherwise I will contact legal services to which she in her arrogant and rude style, she is probably sure of the fact that SONY is behind her, said that we were active in August on our profile and she doesn’t want to hear about anything else. So all of you who have PSN profile on your SONY console beware of serious accusations from SONY company so they don’t take, steal your profile just because you use your SONY console and your PSN profile). She let me know that things remain like she said. The last thing I said to her is that I will send one more email to PlayStation Support in which I demand answers (thinking that maybe if anyone of  SONYs employees read it and actually want to do their job, just maybe they would eventually help us solve this issue with respecting our civil rights and rights as owners of  PSN profile) and so the conversation ended.
The proof that something wrong was done from my account was never provided by SONY.
Wednesday 28.8.2019. I have sent an email to
“The owner of gtamarko5 account. With respect, it is known to all employees and supervisors of Sony PlayStation Croatia my problem related to my fairly payed game which you didn’t want to solve (case 190704-002762) that started 3.7.2019. Then came the next problem in which you false accused, calumniate me and my family, you also deleted our account without explanation or proof. With all in this text I want to notify you in writing that I am giving you 24h to solve both my problems otherwise I will take legal and other measures. Utterly disappointed user of all PS consoles and PS services until now.“
Our profile was registered to my wife’s email, not to mine, I only use mine to be able to use my smartphone and google account, and my loving wife is the one who takes care of our family’s finances, so she took care of buying games on our PSN account, annual fee on PS+ etc. Since I took over handling this huge problem with SONY company, I freed my darling of additional stress because when someone would just mention the name SONY, PLAYSTATION she would get a headache and she couldn’t understand how can someone sell you broken product and doesn’t want to fix it or give you a refund, and they were told in good faith, they just ignored our civil rights and common sense.
For those of you who are unfamiliar to the law, when I got the response from Europe Direct Contact Centre (a part of that will attach at the end *6) I was told by them that we have a deadline of 2 years as citizens of EU to guarantee, refund... And the seller is supposed to ensure that, and it’s not up to us to have to call the developer like SONY agents told us). When they realized that those awful people from SONY company eventually stole our profile without any reason at all, in which we invested a lot of money, love and time as a family, they felt even worse to what I kept telling them, that it is only a matter of time when this problem will be solved because we are citizens of European Union and shouldn’t be worried.
Thursday 29.8.2019., morning hours. My wife opened an email (tagged as Incident 190829-003533) and as she read it collapsed and had a nervous breakdown (for that I have complete medical documentation, diagnosis F43). I’ll stop myself here and won’t go further, I feel nauseous when I remember what my love had to go through since. What I comforted my loved one with was all wrong, that email from said that we are permanently banned (I will attach it at the end *7).
Since then everything has changed in our lives (wife in therapy and many other consequences have happened thanks to the company SONY). Afterall, I raise the question whether Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe will go unpunished for this aggression on innocent citizens? Can SONY take away a mother to children, a wife to a husband? Is it possible that one big SONY can take a little boy’s favourite game GTA5 and get away with it? Without consequences, without an apology and compensation to a family they are terrorising for months? And I answer myself as the owner of stolen profile gtamarko5, of course not, because it would mean that EUROPEAN UNION is lawless and the EU doesn’t protect their citizens. So, the battle begins, David vs Goliath!
Started from Friday 30.8.2019., these are some of the first steps I’ve taken, reported it to:
THE POLICE (criminal police, cyber department, they have a record of my statement)
ECC-NET (European consumer centre Croatia)
Of course, I will put in a lot of effort so that this case gets in public, besides my private lawsuit. That is why this text will be in public both on Croatian and English so that as many people as possible know the problems SONY company can make you if you complain about an incorrect product or just asking for your rights guaranteed by constitution and law of your country, and I will see to it that SONY company is punished by all EU institutions for consumer rights and civil rights protection, hoping that other families, individuals won’t go through agony we are in the future. And that SONY company will work on their relationship with their consumers and their rights, not only in Europe (Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe) but worldwide.
Dear readers, I hope I displayed at least a little of the battle my family is in and I hope that at least it will be helpful by my experience with this company.
Dear dealers of this text, this text can only be distributed in full, must have in mind not to shorten it or to take it out of context and distribute it like that, because in that case it would lose its credibility, accuracy and sequence of evidence I will attach below.
The owner of stolen profile gtamarko5, 17th October 2019.

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David vs Goliath WS-37368-7 Empty Re: David vs Goliath WS-37368-7

on Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:39 pm
I would like to report Sony PlayStation for violating my consumer and civil rights. I bought a game on PS Store with my PSN user account gtamarko5, which is worth 1760 EUR.
The game had an error with the trophies. I called Sony PlayStation Support Croatia several times for a month in order to fix my problem. They ignored me and didn’t offer any solution. After a while they told me to contact Lego and game developer Warner Bros. Although it wasn’t my job, I did so just to confirm that Sony PlayStation programmers are responsible for game trophies and they should fix it. I called Sony Support Croatia again and they refused to help me in a very rude and arrogant way. Finally, after several days of torture and many calls, they promised to call with the solution within a few days.
They never called, but they did permanently block my PSN user account gtamarko5 on 23rd August 2019., without an explanation. I have contacted them and requested an explanation for that, otherwise I will be forced to take legal actions. After many calls we were told that our user account is permanently blocked because we have allegedly sent offensive messages to other players.
Their accusations are unfounded and they have no evidence for them. The proof that it is impossible is the fact that those games, through which I have allegedly sent offensive messages, are not installed and some of them I have never owned. Since there is no evidence, they never gave any insight into any of those messages nor the players which I have allegedly offended. It is only said that I don’t have access to user account gtamarko5 and it cannot be changed.
After all, my wife had a nervous breakdown and she is in treatment now. SONY company obviously has the right to lie and steal without being responsible for their crimes.
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